Jean Nordquist's Signature Brushes

Note: Light items will have their shipping charges
adjusted LOWER when order is received due to their light weight.

Now you can own the finest quality natural fiber brushes, hand made in Germany
to the exacting specifications of master dollmaker Jean Nordquist. Each brush
handle is only 4" long for easiest handling, and is painted a lovely dusty pink.
These brushes fulfill all requirements to paint any doll available to today's dollmaker.
Brush Sets
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Special Offer  $145.00 - Quantity:

Lash & Brow Brushes
Lash and Brow Brushes are made with long hair length to hold enough paint to finish one lid or brow with reloading. Squirrel hair is extremely supple, and is the choice fiber for brows as it clings to the curved brow contour, allowing the finest lines to be created on a non-flat surface.

Lash & Brow Brushes
Sable Lash Liner $12.00- Quantity:
Squirrel Brow Liner $12.00- Quantity:

Lip & Shadow Brushes
Lip and Shading Brushes are designed with short hair length for greater painting control. Both the Lip Filbert and the Detail Spotter will hold a tight point, and should be loaded with only enough paint to retain the point. The Square Shader is designed to be used as a dry brush to smooth the paint that has been applied with the other two brushes.

Lip & Shadow Brushes
Sable Lip Filbert $11.50 - Quantity:
Sable Detail Spotter $10.00 - Quantity:
Sable Square Shader $10.00 - Quantity:

Stipplers serve several purposes for the doll painter. They are almost always used as a dry brush, although they also make good applicators to blend media, as well as paint, into crevices when doing an overall wash. In addition, they make excellent cheek blush applicators. Stipplers can be used to blend eye lid shadow and feature enhancement around ear crevices, nostril flares, philtrums, etc.

Medium Stippler $18.00- Quantity:
Large Stippler $27.00- Quantity:

Mops serve two main functions, and are always used as a dry brush. Smaller mops are used to gently apply cheek color. Large mops are used to vigorously blend overall wash. Prior to applying color to doll surfaces, a light application of media is added by hand. A triangular cosmetic sponge is useful to apply wash.

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Blush Mop $22.00- Quantity:
Wash Mop $34.00 - Quantity:

More Jean Nordquist Signature Brushes !

Hair Stroke Shader
Made of fitch hair, it's good for adding detail strokes into a wet overall wash. Also great for adding individual hairs at temples.

Hair Stroke Shader - Quantity:

Large Lip Brush
Works great for larger doll lips and for applying solid areas of opaque color.

Large Lip Brush - Quantity:

Mini Mop
Just like our original blush mop, this goat hair mini brush works wonderfully on small cheeks to dry blend color.

Mini Mop - Quantity:

Mini Sable Lash Liner
This smaller version of our lash brush makes the job easier on smaller dolls. Works great for painting eyes and lid lines as well.

Mini Sable Lash Liner - Quantity:

Mini Stippler
Apply blushes and shadows with the mini stippler on tiny cheeks and lids.

Mini Stippler - Quantity:

Oval Blender
The mini blender barely loaded, allows maximum control for applying soft shadows of color. Try it for brow shadows.

Oval Blender - Quantity:

Sable Slant Shader
Blending back paint from mouth grooves is made easy with our slant shader.

Sable Slant Shader - Quantity:



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